WEBPAGE - Take me I'm on your site

We present you in your best way and create your homepage – with all the bells and whistles.

A purposeful and authentic internet presence is a door opener for a business for customer acquisition and employee recruitment. We create your webpage based on your ideas, develop a design and carry your idea into the world. If you want us to, we also create content, take highlight pictures and shine the right light on your business with a video. You want more? We build your community in several different social media services, so your customers are always up to date and reach grows.

We either develop your website using wordpress, so you can perform small changes yourself, or individually using Django or Node.js. We host your websites using green electricity in docker containers and docker swarm.

Search Engine Optimization

The final touches of every website include a purposeful search engine optimization, so your ideas can be found on the most easy way. We support you in this process.

Bilder erstellt mit https://mockuper.net