Our emphasis is on the support of different Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and on connected external Sales Systems in the fields of incident- and problemmanagement, such as rollout, training, coaching and IT-operations.

  • Autoline
  • Draka/Draka Plus (only interfaces to BDE and salary)
  • Inkadea.dms
  • ISPA (only interfaces to workshop-planning-systems)
  • Formel 1 (only interfaces to BDE and salary)

The areas of aftersales, sales and CRM are our core area. External sales programs like MBCPOS and VKL II extend out knowledge in the car sales processes. 

With the experience, we have collected since 1990 in the processes of the retailers and wholesalers, we have worked with notable customers in the automotive industry.

Especially these partner stand out:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Ford (also the former PAG-Group)
  • VW
  • BMW
  • Opel