Augmented Reality

Through Augmented Reality (AR) the world can be enriched with visual content.

Everyone probably knows the overlayed information in sports broadcasts, just like jumped distance in ski-jumping. In this case the user does not need additional hardware. This is why the technology is know, yet less interactive.

The fast development of technology in recent year – especially in the area of smartphones – allows it, to experience these techniques on your mobile device. Here you can discover a little bit about AR and wet your appetite.

A world of endless possibilities

Discover our augmented reality app on a tour with Fabienne van Staten:

This is how it works:

This link lets you download the „Imflow AR“ App, if you are viewing this content on your smartphone. Using this app you can experience the magazine images down below interactively. Just film the images using the app.


you get the app using the good old QR Code….

ImFlow AR Magazin